Thursday, December 31, 2015


Ok. I still don't know exactly how to use and customize this blog thing, but I have some cool information that I want to share with other MSX lovers and the setting up a blog looks to be the easy way to share that information.

The purpose of this blog is to show the results of my efforts to find hidden MSX computers or MSX based hardware. To be clear about the terms that I will use here:

  • MSX computer: A complete machine with MSX architecture that runs natively the MSX BIOS and can, without hardware or software modifications, execute MSX software.
  • MSX based: A machine with MSX architecture that can run the MSX BIOS and other MSX software, but or didn't have the MSX BIOS native or need small modifications on BIOS or hardware.
  • Not MSX: Machine that can have some (or all) MSX related components, but didn't have the MSX architecture. Needs to run a heavily modified MSX BIOS or needs great hardware modifications.

Sorry about my english language skills, it's not my native language but, after fighting trying to understand pages in japanese, dutch, korean, russian and other foreign languages, I guess the best way to be understandable to most MSX community is to write in english.

Well, that's enough for the first presentation. I hope to have some news soon (and to understand how to work with Blogger interface).


Piter Punk

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