Saturday, March 25, 2017


Hi guys, this blog, while in a very slow pacing is not dead yet and its death is not in my plans. But I know that a four months silence isn't a good health sign. I still have a lot of appliances to show, ROM images to provide and information to share.

Why this lack of new posts is happening?

Mostly because I reached my technical skills limits. There are some posts that are waiting for ROM dumps. I have a ROM/EPROM reader, but I am very bad working with a solder iron, so I can only dump the ICs that are placed in sockets. There are at least four posts in this situation.

Other posts are waiting for some additional equipment to arrive from overseas. There are two posts waiting for things to come.

And, last but not least, there is the lack of time/priority to keep all projects running. The activities to write a post includes a lot of research, time to disassemble the equipments, identify the ICs, take pictures, search for datasheets, sometimes read the ROM dump, etc. There are an unknown number of posts waiting to exist, the time shortage prevents they to be written.

I believe that, soon, we'll have some news.

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